One of Dr. Hairston’s primary focus areas on caring for skin of all ages is having products for skin of all ages.  She specializes in product selection and creating skin regimens for patients, whether it be for medical or cosmetic purposes.  Her inventory is available at The Dermatology Clinic and online (coming soon).  All products offered by The Dermatology Clinic are sampled personally by Dr. Hairston prior to her recommending them to any patient.

Obagi medical products are one of the world’s most recognizable names for prescription-strength product lines that have the ability to transform the look and feel of the skin.  Due to the lines containing prescription ingredients, they are only available under the supervision of a physician.  Dr. Hairston believes the Obagi products can truly make a difference in her patient’s skin and is proud to offer the Nu-Derm System, ELASTIderm Eye Treatment, and Obagi C Rx System. Visit
This line of products is specifically formulated for anti-aging and maintaining healthy skin in its best condition.  It is a complete line of cleansers, toners, anti-oxidants and moisturizers.  One of the newest preparations in this line is the Peptide Crema Res-V.  Resveratrol is an ingredient available as an oral supplement for anti-aging and now is present in Peptide Crema Res-V.  
Derm Clinic Solutions, or DCS, is a no-nonsense line formulated for our male patients and those with problem skin.  It contains our acne line offering a cleanser, astringent toner, zinc mask, and spot blemish fighter.  These products are available at The Dermatology Clinic without an appointment and are an excellent alternative for teens who had tried Proactiv® products and are looking for an alternative for acne-prone skin.
The Theraplex® line of products has clearly proven to be one of the most effective moisturizing product lines available today.  The Dermatology Clinic has several of the products from the Theraplex® family that Dr. Hairston recommends to improve dry skin conditions. Visit
The EltaMD® sun care line includes a complete spectrum of sun care products, one for every skin type and unique need.  EltaMD skin care products focus on providing safe, effective skin care that includes deep, gentle cleansing and intense moisturization for all skin types, including the most sensitive skin.  They are available only through physician’s offices like The Dermatology Clinic.      Visit
Dr. Hairston strongly recommends the Vanicream® moisture cream and cleansing bar.  These products are routinely recommended by dermatologists and other physicians for patients with dry, irritated skin, such as "winter itch" and other dermatologic problems including psoriasis, atopic dermatitis (eczema), contact dermatitis, and ichthyosis.
Latisse® solution is a prescription treatment used to grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker, and darker. Only Latisse® has been approved by the FDA as a prescription treatment used to grow eyelashes.  Dr. Hairston offers a complimentary consultation for patients interested in Latisse®.  Visit

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